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2018.11.22.Thanksgiving3tables Thank you Cornerstone Pie Gathering at Cornerstone Village cohousing Cheese wheel Thanksgiving 2018 Thanksgiving

In the twilight of fall, as daylight hours grow shorter, members of Bay State Commons Cohousing have been actively repurposing the concept of home is where the heart is. As we look forward to building near Malden center, we continue to come together to grow our community. As the Thanksgiving holiday neared, two BSC members sent an email: “Our plans have changed. Would anyone like to have Thanksgiving together?” In short order there were 18 willing participants. In Thanksgiving we met at a home in Medford to share in relaxed conversation, delicious food, and a warm atmosphere.

Thanksgiving 2018

Around three dinner tables

Cheese wheel

In December, we gave thanks to Cornerstone Village Cohousing for hosting our whole group in their common space. We reciprocated by cooking a meal for 70 that included various lasagnas, salads, sides and many desserts, including apple-berry pie. It was the first night of Hanukah, so we lit the first candle on a menorah. We also celebrated members of BSC and Cornerstone who had December birthdays.

Thank you Cornerstone pie

Thank you Cornerstone

Gathering at Cornerstone Village cohousing

Gathering at Cornerstone Village cohousing








And thanks to all our supporters…

As we work together to build a common home in Malden, our hearts are full with thanks to everyone who has supported our project and encouraged us to make cohousing a reality. We have amazing guides, neighbors, and friends who are a tremendous source of strength. Thank you!

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