November 2017 Newsletter Update – Bay State Commons Forging Ahead On Schedule

Model of the ground floor of the common house, mid-2017.
Model of the ground floor of the common house, mid-2017.

Bay State Commons Cohousing is forging ahead on schedule, and is looking for new members to join as we move towards construction.  We have finished the design sessions with our architects, who will now be converting our conceptual design to building plans which can be submitted to the city for approval.

Before the design is finished we have 15 “small” design issues to resolve at our meetings.   Do we want a fireplace and if so, a wood or gas fireplace?  How do we handle trash and recycling?  Do we want a metal roof?  Would a ground source heat pump work for us? Etc.

Near the end of 2017, we will formally apply for project permitting from the City of Malden. Between now and then, we have time to work out some final design details and focus on marketing. Of our community’s envisioned 30 units, we have now sold 14, and 5 households have expressed an intent to become an ‘Equity Member’ and commit to purchase a unit.

By the end of January 2018, we will execute our option to buy 368 Pleasant Street and become its owners. By early to mid-2018, we hope to complete permitting and construction financing. At that time, we would break ground and begin construction on our new homes. If all goes according to plan, the new community’s doors will open in mid-2019.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting project, send us an email, or come to one of our every-other week planning meetings or upcoming social events to learn more and get involved! or

Hope to be in contact!

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We are a group of residents from Malden and surrounding towns who want to live in a residential community together. Working as our own developer, our intention is to design and build a cohousing development for thirty households (with units sized from studios to 3 bedrooms) at 368 Pleasant Street near the center of Malden, MA.

We are made up of families, couples, and single people, representing four generations and a wide variety of interests, include cooking, gardening, making music and just spending time catching up. Some of us work, some are in school, and some are retired. We are motivated by finding “the old neighborhood” feeling. It is important to us that residents have the support of their neighbors when need arises, and have the opportunity to age in place. 

Together with our architects, Neshamkin-French and French 2D, we are in the process of seeking town permits and financing for construction, and hope to break ground in early 2019. We look forward to becoming part of the greater Malden community.


Cooking at a Common House Meal
Community members preparing food for a social gathering

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a way of building a community that balances private units with shared common space. We will be organized as a condominium, with the building space designed to encourage interaction and a sense of community. Along with units with standard amenities like private kitchens & dining room spaces, there will be expanded common space that is envisioned to include shared music and art spaces, a children’s play area, a workshop, exercise room, and common kitchen and “great room” suitable for residents to cook and eat together for occasional common meals.

You can learn more about cohousing in general by going to our ‘About Cohousing’ page, or referring to this webpage for a more visual representation of cohousing.

Who Are We?

Learn more about us here. We value neighborliness, good communication and thoughtfulness.  Most of us didn’t know each other initially, but as we’ve worked together, we’ve already begun making connections as we look forward to the permitting, construction and move-in process.

You can learn more about us by checking out the below links.

Contact us!

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Read the FAQs for more detailed information

Learn more about our members

Read our Vision Statement

Meet the professionals who are helping us  build the community.



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