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January 2017 Newsletter Update – Designing our Future Home

(January, 2017) Bay State Commons engaged in a design workshop to determine the sizes in square feet of the living units – studios, 1 -, 2 -, and 3 – bedrooms, with the guidance of our architects Neshamkin French Architects, and French 2D.

Unit Design Layout Discussion

Members of Bay State Commons discuss different design layouts for the individual units

Our second workshop tackled the common spaces indoors and outdoors. High priorities for the outdoors are spaces gardens and play areas for children with as much open space as possible on a site of less than an acre.  This means that at least part of the building will be 3 or 4 stories high, perhaps staggered to the back to two stories.

As part of the indoor common space design we want a kitchen and a dining area that can be used for large meetings, for

Connect the rooms

Participants got to consider different configurations for the different unit types

performance space and optional group meals. We also want a young children’s play room, homework and hangout spaces for older children, space for meetings formal and informal, for music, for arts and crafts, a café, an adults only pub, and workshops for fixing things, wood-working, clay (messy), and electronics. We are really excited to play a part in building our future home. More to come!

To learn more and get involved, send us an email, or come to one of our every-other week planning meetings or upcoming social events!  www.baystatecommons.org or baystatecommons@gmail.com

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