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BSC Baby Shower Time!

Like any cohousing group, we members of Bay State Commons have become a community long before we move in together. We socialize together and celebrate landmarks. Our member Elizabeth is approaching the due date of her baby, so naturally we threw her a baby shower. (This wasn’t even the first baby shower we’ve had–Deborah and John got that honor five months ago.)

In many ways, the first half of the baby shower was like any BSC social event. There was food (Valerie’s chocolate cake was a big hit), excited discussion about plans for our building (I caught some talk about hideaway beds), and many laughs. In typical fashion for our group, there was a lot of ride-sharing to get there, and even a little biking (pretty courageous considering the coldness).

But after the normal socializing came the time for everyone to sit down and watch Elizabeth open her presents. The gifts came in two forms: the customary shower gifts of baby-clothing, bedding and books, but also financial contributions to Elizabeth’s doula fund. The results were impressive in both categories.

These images say much more than mere words could.

Elizabeth with a little sweater  Elizabeth shows off a gift  Elizabeth + gift

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