About Bay State Cohousing Membership

Membership in Bay State Cohousing

We have three levels of membership in BSC: Prospective, Associate, and Equity. Each level represents a greater commitment to the community.

Prospective Members

Anyone who wants to know about what we’re doing can be a Prospective Member. Once you are on the mailing list, we will let you know about any open meetings and social events we are planning.

Associate Members

If you are curious about Associate Membership and would like to learn more about how we operate, please let us know by contacting us at the link below.

Associate Members Rights and Responsibilities

  • attend meetings of Bay State Cohousing;
  • participate in planning committees; and
  • voice opinions in meetings.

Equity Members

An Equity Member is someone who has decided to invest in the Bay State Cohousing project. After becoming an Associate Member, you may apply to become an Equity Member. Equity Member status requires that you:

  • Attend at least three meetings as an Associate Member;
  • Complete the Equity Member application form;
  • Go through a financial risk clearness process;
  • Participate in consensus decision-making and facilitation;
  • Be approved by current Equity members; and
  • Deposit an equity payment as a down payment on your future living unit. The amount will depend on the stage of project

Rights and Responsibilities of Equity Members

  • attend meetings of Bay State Cohousing,
  • participate in planning committees, and
  • voice opinions in meetings and make decisions that shape the community.

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