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Greetings! The hole in the ground at 368 Pleasant Street is getting larger, and foundation work is underway. That’s right, construction crews continue to make progress on our 30-unit condo building in Malden for an expected move-in during late 2021. Soon, the foundation and our underground garage will start to take shape. Putting parking underground will allow us to restore green space to what had been a parking lot for many decades.

Community is more important now than ever, and as we continue to meet remotely, we remain a strong source of support for each other in these trying times. We have a few units still available—studio, 1-BR, 1-BR+, 2-BR and 3-BR.

Please check out one of our meetings to learn more about us, the cohousing membership process and our project. We meet twice a month via Zoom. Specific information is on our MeetUp page. You can also watch a video presentation about our project. Check us out!


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What is Bay State Commons Cohousing?

We are a group of residents of the city of Malden and the Metro North Boston area who have gathered together to build a cohousing community. Working as our own developer, we hired architects French/2D and Neshamkin French to design a three-story building with 30 studio-to-three bedroom units near the center of Malden at 368 Pleasant Street.

Members of Bay State Commons Cohousing

Most of us didn’t know each other initially, but as we’ve worked together through the development process, we’ve begun building relationships as we approach construction and move-in.

As families, couples, and singles, we represent four generations. We have a wide variety of interests, which include cooking, gardening, making music, and just spending time together. Some of us work, some are in school, and some are retired.

We value neighborliness, good communication, and thoughtfulness. It is important to us to have the support of our neighbors when need arises. And have the opportunity to age in place. We look forward to becoming part of the greater Malden community. Learn more about our current members.

In addition to private units, the property will have 5,000 square feet of expanded common spaces, including a meeting & work room, entertainment room, wood shop, yoga/workout studio, kids’ play room, arts room, music room, social room/pub, great room and large common kitchen and dining area for occasional shared meals. There are outdoor decks on each floor, and a courtyard with green space that is for gardening and other outdoor activities. The building is also designed in a way that residents can engage with each other while also being able to socially distance.

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is a method of designing new neighborhoods that began in Scandinavia in the mid-twentieth century. There are now about 130 communities in the United States and another 100 under construction. We will be organized as a condominium with private living spaces and multiple common spaces designed to encourage interaction. Like other cohousing communities, we will have expanded common spaces to include shared music and art rooms, children’s indoor and outdoor play areas, a workshop and exercise room, and a “great room.” The great room is a community gathering place for meetings, social events, and hanging out. In addition, it will include a large kitchen so we can cook and eat together for occasional brunches, pot lucks, and dinners.

To learn more about cohousing see About Cohousing and this Infographic.

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